How to Rid of Toenail Fungus

For a woman, having good looking feet is important, it is the model for attractive shoes and pretty dresses. Having toenail fungus, or onychomycosis in medical terms will cause toenails to look yellow or cloudy become crumbly. When toenail fungus strikes, no more open toe shoes. While it is easy to get rid of, usually it is better to prevent onychomycosis.

 Avoid going barefoot in wet public places like communal showers, bringing sandals from home to wear during a shower. Do not share shoes, socks and nail clippers unless they are properly cleaned and sterilized. Other factors for people to have toenail fungus are they have weak immune system, diabetes, trauma and many more.

Treating toenail fungus is as easy as getting an antifungal solution or cream from the pharmacy. Follow instructions of the packaging and continue use a week after the fungus disappears. The usual medications available are terbinafine and itraconazole, both well known antifungal agents that work well on toenail fungus. Other natural remedies claimed by people who had tried it include soaking the feet in one part vinegar and two parts water, but such remedy takes weeks and months while using an antifungal cream would only take three weeks maximum.

Even its appearance is less than attractive, do not paint nail polish over the affected nail. It does not help with the situation; the fungus might spread or the toenail might crumble off with non treatment. Better to wear closed toe shoes and treating the condition properly than having it spread to all the toes, making the situation worse than before. For people who suffer from medical conditions such as diabetes, weak immune system or have trauma to the feet, seek advice from the doctor or a podiatrist to make sure that the problem do not worsen into a gangrenous state.

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