How To Keep Healthy and Good Looking Feet

The feet is an important part of the body, they are the most basic means of transportation, allowing people to travel a short distance, or to run a long mile. Being furthest from the body, they are also the most neglected part of the body, except by models and people who rely on feet to make a living.

Women love their feet. They also love to abuse their feet. Shoes too high, too hard or too narrow are worn just because they look good and complement their outfit. The refusal to wear flat shoes stems from the fear of not looking attractive enough to attract attention from the male counterpart. The men are no better, abusing their feet with low quality shoes and bearing pain to avoid seeking professional help.

Keeping the feet health is easy and important for the overall well being. Soaking in warm water with Epsom salt helps relaxes feet muscles, massaging the feet with cream or massage oil can help joints and muscles. To have good looking feet, a pedicure can be done at home or by a pedicurist for a fee. Caring for the feet underneath toe nails, and inspecting the feet and toe for cuts, corns and calluses will keep the feet looking healthy and neat. It can be done before putting on a new coat of nail polish to make the feet even more attractive.

People who have medical conditions such as diabetes should have their feet checked regularly by a podiatrist or a doctor. People who suffer from diabetes usually have numbed nerve endings, causing the toes not to feel pain or foreign objects. A routine inspection to rule out fungal infections, minor cuts and bruises should be done every month or at least every quarter of the year by a qualified professional.

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