Foot Tattoo Care

Introduction to Tattoos

Tattoos, nowadays, play an important role in enhancing personalities of human beings, especially when they are liberal enough to expose. There are several men and women who go for tattoos so that they look different from others in order to catch attention of both opposite and similar sexes.

Nowadays tattoos can be printed anywhere on the bodies and people happily go for them irrespective of the pain that they know they have to bear after they get tattoos printed on their bodies. After the tattoos have been printed, area where they are printed pains and swells for a couple of days which makes people decrease their working efficiency and forces them to alter their daily schedules.

Most troublesome tattoo printing area in human body is feet. Since all human activities require involvement of feet, people must plan at least a month’s schedule before they get their tattoos printed on their feet. Reason why this is necessary is that once the tattoos are printed, people must take utmost care of their feet and tattoos.

Planning before Going for Foot Tattoos

Many medicos suggest that if a person plans to have tattoos on his/her feet he/she must not go for both feet in a single go. This is because if they do so, both their feet will suffer from severe pain and therefore they might not be able to walk around and do their daily stuff.

People who plan to go for foot tattoos must also make sure that they are not bound to wear tight shoes for at least 3 weeks after they have their feet tattooed. Since tight shoes mostly suffocate the wounds, lack of air might generate bacteria and might also lighten the tattoo ink because of the friction that might occur by the shoes. This might give them a faded tattoo which of course will not be appropriate for them.

Precautions to Be Taken after Tattoos Have Been Printed

It is advisable that no ointments should be applied right after the tattoos have been printed on the feet. If the tattoos have been printed by a skilled professional, it is likely that he/she has already taken good care of the wounds and it won't pain for at least a couple of days.

Once people have tattoos on their feet it is strongly advised that they must not walk and must try to give as much rest to their feet as possible. This practice would cure the wound comparatively faster.


There are several other precautions that people must take before and after their feet have been tattooed. Instructions to these precautions are mostly given by the person who tattoos them and the instructions must be strictly followed to get the most out of it.

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