How To Treat Discolored Toenails

If you asked 100 people how much time they spend taking care of their feet, you wouldn't be surprised at the minimal amount of time we spend doing proper maintenance to our feet. Have you really looked at your toenails lately? Have you noticed that they have become thicker than usually and have a yellowish color to them? These are signs of improper nutrition, sickness, fungal infections and sometimes genetics plays a part. Realizing that you have a discolored toenail is nothing to panic over, it can be treated.

The first thing that you want to do is gather some supplies, you will need Cotton Swabs, Cuticle Cream, Foot Buffers, Foot Lotions, Nail Cleaners, Nail Clippers, Nail Files and Nail Buffers. You can find all of these supplies in your local drug store. Using about 2 tablespoons of mild detergent such as dish soap or you can use a Betadine Solution, ix with 1/2 a gallon of warm water. Now take your foot and place into the solution. Keep your feet submerged for about 10 minutes.

Remove your foot from the water but do not dry, you want to keep your toenails soft. Using your Nail Cutters cut away the discolored nail straight across, or as straight as you can. Using a fresh nail file and a piece of cotton, clean underneath any particles from under the nail. You can use a mix of Listerine and White Vinegar this will help keep your toes from becoming discolored. This can be done by using a Cotton Swab and dip into the mixture and apply to the infected area. Since Listerine is an antiseptic this will help prevent additional discoloration.

Using the Nail Buffer, gently buffer the tops of your toenails, you may find that this is a pleasant experience. Keep your feet clean and change your socks on a regular basis. You will soon start to see the pigment come back into the toenails. It is important that we spend at least one a week, giving our feet and toenails the attention that they deserve. Everything you need can be found in your local health and beauty aid stores for an affordable price, aren't your feet worth it?

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