Best Foot Massage Techniques

As a base, feet are essential part of our body. They hold our body weight, balance it, help us walk, jump, kick and run using tiny muscles and nerves that generate physical possessions. It is said that if massaged correctly feet can often help in reliving tension and pain in other body parts. Insomnia, chronic fatigue, dizziness, high blood pressure, kidney disease, etc. are some problems that can be cured with appropriate foot massages. Crucial study in the region of foot massaging is entitled as Reflexology.

Mentioned below are some best foot massaging techniques which when properly followed you can enjoy the power of reflexology.

Some Fundamentals

Before starting the massage ensures that your fingernails are well trimmed and your hands are dirt free.

Usually feet tickle and set the nervous system to alert response mode which is actually not relaxing at all. Therefore try to hold or press the feet in resolute manner.

What You Will Need?

You will need 2-3 towels along with some lubricant such as foot massage oil, say perfumed eucalyptus or mint oil. These are natural disinfectant and are quite refreshing. You can also use rich creams or skin lotions especially designed for massage.

If you are working on others feet, you can place small stool in front of them or best you can do is to use recliner chair with foot stool.

Beginning with the Massage:

1. Soak the feet in Luke warm water for few minutes and if possible dissolve some Epsom salt in the water. This will wonderfully distress you before you begin your foot massage. Now dry the foot thoroughly along with the toe.

2. Start your reflexology foot massage and target the entire foot, top and bottom, toes to ankle by applying massage oil or lotion to ease the callous and to reduce the friction between your hand and the foot. Move your hands smoothly and firmly around your feet with your fingers on the base and with thumbs on the top. Continue with little more pressure and gently massage the toe and try to rotate and twist the foot with a gentle hand. It is very important to apply right amount of pressure to the feet while massaging.

3. Dab the soles of feet with a towel after massage to avoid them from getting greasy. Don’t let any oily or greasy stuff left on your skin as it might cause infection.

Don’t forget that your feet massively participate in your health and your beauty so enjoy the massage.

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