Itchy Feet Home Remedy

Itching on your feet is commonly due to the fungal infections or some allergies. It is an irritating, maddening as well as uncomfortable feeling. When you are going through this, you try to scratch your feet badly with something you find close to you. It is so uncomfortable that sometimes you want to take off your shoes even just to scratch your feet because it is uncomfortable too. It can also be caused due to some stylish foot wear, which does not suit your feet.

Any person can get infected with this problem called as itchy feet. You are very much concerned about the beauty of your body, including your feet too being a female. That is why you need to find out some workable solutions if you are suffering from itchy feet. Trying some home remedies would turn out to be the quickest and easiest therapies for your feet. There can be a number of causes for this problem like weather change, allergies, putting on an uncomfortable sandals for a long time and many more.

You can follow numerous ways to prevent your feet from itching by strictly observing your personal hygiene. Make sure that your feet and especially the spaces between the toes are completely dry before you wear some sandals. When you put on some shoes or sandals always ensure that they are clean and are in appropriate fitting.

If your feet sweat a lot, then dusting some antifungal powder can be helpful.  It will lessen the sweat between the toes before you put on the sandals. Baking soda can reduce all types of itching and can help prevent your feet from itching. Add a little amount of baking soda in warm water and give your feet a baking soda bath. Do not soak your feet in this mixture if your skin is damaged. You can also use a lemon for the treatment of itchy feet. It has some anti-inflammatory attributes, which can help reduce itching. Applying it to itchy skin can be really effective. Aloe-vera is used to treat burns, but it is also good in reducing itching. Take a leaf and slice it from the center and rub the gel only on the affected area.

Warm water with fresh mint leaves in it can also be used to reduce the itching on your feet. Do not scratch the skin and wear gloves when doing some treatment on the itchy feet.

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