Reasons for Always Having Cold Feet

In vascular clinic, one major complaint by women is cold feet. Most people feel that their feet are always cold while in others, they feel cold feet in response to different situations. There may be various reasons for cold feet. Is it due to any internal problem of the body? For all those people who are facing with the cold feet problems, this article will give you reasons for always having cold feet.

Cold feet causes:

Getting cold feet is common in some situations like when you go for presenting something to crowd, or you go for meeting or you sit for an exam or before you get to be married. Well! There could be a lot of situations. Sometimes when you walk in a room having air conditioned, you feel cold feet also. If you think that low temperature is just your answer, it’s not true. There may be few other reasons for cold feet, which are discussed below:


Hypothyroidism problem is very common in women. In this condition, hormonal glands in the body develop less growth of hormones. Sometimes when this condition produces, patients do not able to realize it. There could be a lot of symptoms of this problem and one of them is cold hands and feet.


Blood in our body contains a lot of proteins, which are known as Cryglobulins. When the temperature becomes less, these proteins becomes insoluble in body and due to this fact, blood becomes thicker. This condition creates a problem for free blood flow and as a result, you face cold extremities.


This condition occurs when there is extremely low temperature. Skin of the body becomes freeze in this temperature which in turn hinders the circulation of blood flow. This condition occurs in those areas of your body, which are far away from your heart like toes of hands, toes of feet and fingers. This could be the reason you feel cold feet all the time.

Raynaud’s Syndrome:

Rynaud’s syndrome happens when there is low environment temperature or when a person feels emotionally low. As a result, the small blood vessels in toes and fingers start to compress. In this condition, the blood cannot flow properly, and your hands and feet become cold.

Peripheral Vascular disease:

This problem occurs when the flow of blood does not reach properly in the hands and feet. This leads to the cold feet and all the time people face this problem, when they are suffering with diabetes. However, some people who are not having diabetic are also suffering from peripheral vascular disease (PVD).

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