How To Properly Cut and Clean Your Toe Nails

Cutting the toe nails is easy, but you have to take a lot of care while cleaning and cutting the nails. You should pay attention to your toe nails and take care of them as much as they be worthy of. Toe nails are needed to be properly cut just to avoid ingrown nails or infections that cause pain. You need to find out how to cut your toe nails correctly in order to guard your feet and nails. Properly wash your feet before cutting the toe nails and make them dry too after washing. Use a personal nail clipper and filer for hygienic concerns.

The nails should not be cut down from the sides. Place the clipper directly across the nails and avoid cutting the toe nails in a curve shape. Use a proper nail clipper for your nails. If you have larger nails, then a larger clipper is suitable for you. Keep the nail clipper and your filer disinfected and clean them properly before and after usage. Never cut the nails too undersized, for eternity leave them a little long. It can also be among one of the reasons of ingrown toe nails and pain. Do not cut the nails when they are wet. Always cut them when they are dry, because wet nails are soft, and they are not cut smoothly. Do not attempt to cut your toe nails in one go.

Make some small cuts diagonally. Always file your nails after cutting. Never file them into and from motion, file them in a direction towards the center or top. File them up until they are smooth and neat. Never try to cut the cuticles around your toe nails. Use the cuticle stick every time. You can get a cuticle stick from any cosmetic or beauty shop easily. If you cut them with a nail clipper, it can cause bleeding, infection and inflammation. But plucking them with a cuticle stick can make no harm and gives your feet a neat and beautiful look. Moisturize your feet with a good moisturizer and apply any nail color if you want to.

Keeping your toe nails short and beautifully shaped makes it easier for you to maintain them. A complete cleaning of your toe nails is a simple solution to all your toe problems. Immerse your feet in tepid water for 10 to 15 minutes and the blackness of the nails will vanish. Clean the inside of your toe nails with some soap or gel, which will help your nails to stay clean if you do it on a regular basis.

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