Why Some Flip Flops May Be Bad For Your Feet

Flip flops are open and casual flat foot wears consisting of two crossed straps. It has greatly become an interesting foot wear among females of all age bands. Apart from the trend and fashion flip flops are considered as unsuitable because of certain health issues. They actually change the way and style of walking of the wearers. This change in walk and gait can reason unrelenting ache in the feet and ankles. They can also result in pain in the lower legs too.

When you are wearing a flip flop you scrunch your toes in order to keep the flip-flop on your feet. This constant pressure causes tenderness and inflammation in the toes. There are countless health reasons that are not supportive to wear flip-flops and due to which you should skip them and choose some other casual foot wear. The sole of the flip flop is soft and spongy and provides no arc support. The sole may feel soft and comfortable, but the foot is rolled inwards due to no curvy support. This allows the feet to become as flat as they can and leads to a severe pain in the heels.

Sprained ankle is a very common injury that is an outcome of wearing flip flops. They also expose the feet to many dangers like falling various objects on the feet. Since there is only a ‘V’ or ‘Y’ shaped strap across your toes therefore there is not many holdings of the flip flop to your feet. As you walk, all the work, and exertion is done by the muscles and tendons' which overtime leads to the inflammation in the tendons with a noteworthy pain as well.

When you are in a habit of wearing flat shoes, especially flip flops you will end up with overstraining the calf muscles, and that can cause pain. Flip flop pounds all at the back of the feet which harden the skin and when exposed to air gets dry. And if it gets too much dry it will damage the skin and can crack too, which is therefore, very painful. Flip flops provide no protection to feet from rocks, dirt and others stepping up on your feet. When you wear a flip flop often you can feel a constant pain in your lower back and hips. It does not mean that you quit using a flip flop. You just need to be careful not to wear it for too long.  try buying a flip flops which do provide a little more support to your feet.

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