How To Remove Ingrown Toenails

An ingrown toenail is not a very pleasant experience. They can be very painful if not treated right away. The last thing that you want is for the nail to start to grow into the skin of your foot. By catching them early can save yourself a surgical procedure. Though it may not sound very fun or painless, removing the ingrown toenail has to be done. Here are some steps that you can follow that can help you successfully remove an ingrown toenail.

Step 1: Place your foot into hot water with some oils or soaps. This will help soften the skin. You can use baby oil, bath oils or soapy water to accomplish this. After soaking your feet, apply an antiseptic to your nail such as Hydrogen Peroxide or Iodine. This will help prevent an infection. You will need to have a cotton ball, nail clipper, a pair of tweezers and a cuticle remover.

Step 2: Using your nail clippers, trim down the toenail as much as you can. Be very careful around the infected area. Try to cut as straight as you can without leaving pointy sections near the edge of the nail.

Step 3: Take a piece of cotton and hold the cotton with the tweezers around the corner of the ingrown toenail. Taking the cuticle remover, carefully push the cotton underneath your toenail into the corner of the nail. The cotton should be a round ball now.

Step 4: This will help raise the toenail up to prevent the nail from becoming ingrown again.

Keep your feet clean and dry. Apply some antibacterial ointment on your nail and keep it bandaged for a few days. Apply the ointment on a daily basis. Once the toenail has grown out and it will move away from the cuticle and you have successfully removed an ingrown toenail.

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