How to Treat Smelly Feet- Keep Your Feet Always Clean

We cringe when we smell someone’s feet, some smell are really worse than others. While all feet smells, some have chronic smelly feet, triggered by bacteria feeding on the nutrients from the sweat in the feet and releasing waste that is the origin of the sour and pungent odour. To keep the feet smelling fresh, feet hygiene is important. For some, the simple routine of keeping the feet clean is not enough to prevent the feet from smelling like a garbage truck.

The cheapest way to control the smell is to sun the shoes. Sunlight has ultraviolet ray that is a very effective tool against bacteria. If the pair of Manolo or Jimmy Choos are too precious to be sunned, then use sodium bicarbonate, a smell absorbing powder easily found in supermarkets. Both are considered cost effective options in treating and preventing smelly feet. For people who are more willing to splurge, pretty smelling shoe spray and shoe powder are available to keep the shoes and feet smelling like a flower. The products usually have odour neutralizing substances with fragrance, but people who are prone to allergies should be more aware of certain chemicals triggering a reaction.

Changing socks and stockings can help preventing smelly feet, cotton socks provides better ventilation and sweat absorption compared to synthetic materials. For chronic sweaters, consider investing in socks that have silver particles embedded. Silver is a substance known to be antibacterial without causing allergies or reactions in the human body. Some companies have weaved in silver particles into socks to help combat smelly feet and bacterial infections that commonly pose a threat in diabetics.

When all else fails, consider seeking medical advice to check if there are any problems that might cause the feet to stink worse than normal people, and look for stronger alternatives to stop smelly feet.

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