Best 7 Foot Creams for Cracked, Dry Heels

Due to lack of moisturizer our heels crack and these cracks are very painful and sometimes even bleed. When our skins become excessively dry, feet quite easily split into cracks and permit bacteria of viral infections into our bodies. When this happens bacteria get enough room to multiply themselves, hence spreading the disease from the infected area to other parts of the bodies quite rapidly.

Some Major Reasons Why Dry Skins Occur

Dry skins mostly occur:

1. Due to lack of water in our bodies. Our bodies may suffer this problem because of insufficient amount of water intake. Dehydration, etc. are some other results of lack of water in our bodies.

2. Un-moisturized feet for long durations.

3. Soaking feet in hot water for quite a long time.

4. Cold winter winds.

5. Scrubbing and applying harsh, dry soaps.

6. Diabetes.

One important thing that one should keep in mind is that diabetes and obesity are the two biggest risk issues for cracked heels.

Some Foot Creams Helpful in Curing Cracks and Dry Skin

Foot Creams:

1. L'Occitane Creme Pieds, Beurre de Karitè (Shea Butter Foot Cream), 5.2-Ounce Tube.
List Price: $25.00

As the name implies, key ingredient in this is Shea butter, provides moisture to your exhausted, dry or cracked heels.

2. Miracle of Aloe Miracle Foot Repair Cream 4 Oz.
List Price: $12.99

Key ingredient to this product is Aloe Vera and is famous for its curative, moisturizing, and inflammation plummeting assets. It is also safe for people suffering from diabetes. It comes with a refreshing peppermint perfume.

3. Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Foot Cream 2 Oz.
List Price: $4.47

This product renovates damaged skin.

4. O'Keeffe's Healthy Feet Cream 3.2 Oz. Jar.
List Price: $6.99

This product is for those who look for something that works even on calluses by alleviating them.

5. Philosophy Soul Owner Exfoliating Foot Cream, 3.3 Oz.
List Price: $14.00

This is for those feet that need a bit of buff. This removes old skin, enlightens a fresh layer beneath. Scent of this cream is quite refreshing as well.

6. Himalaya Ayurvedic Foot Crack Cream.
Price : $ 1.95

It is an Ayurvedic remedy. It is absolutely safe and nontoxic to use. Himalaya Ayurvedic Foot Crack Cream is useful for elimination of cracked heels. Key ingredients are Shala, Honey, Turmeric, Fenugreek and Ginger.

7. Natural Herbal Foot Cream with Aloe Vira.
Price: $ 9.95

Key ingredients: Sorbitol, Aloe-Vera, Menthol, Paraguay TEA, Rose Hips Oil, Allantoin, VitaminE, Fragance, Peppermint, Safflower Oil, Petrolatum, Glyceryl Stearate PEG, FD&C Blue #1, FD&C Yellow #5.

Why Do Women Love Wearing Toe Rings?

There can be several reasons why girls might love to wear toe rings. In Western culture many girls wear toe rings just to make their looks and appearances stylish and sexy whenever they wear uncovered sandals or run barefoot. On the other hand in some traditional culture wearing toe rings might just be a symbol of accepting culture of some other tribes.

Culture of wearing toe rings was initially started from India where both North and South Indian females used to wear toe rings just to display their marital status as married. However, material used to prepare toe rings for them could be of their own choices. Girls with appropriate complexion mostly love to wear silver cultured toe rings and in many cases original silver is used to prepare the rings. Moreover, since silver is quite cheaper as compared to gold or any other expensive metal, toe rings prepared from silver are easily affordable by almost all women that belong to almost any family.

On the other hand girls with fair complexion mostly prefer toe rings made of gold. There are two major reasons why gold made toe rings are preferred by some women or girls.

1. The very first reason why girls and women prefer golden toe rings is to display their financial status without any additional demonstration or words. Since it is generally assumed that a person who can afford to purchase gold and golden ornaments reflects right personality, golden toe rings make girls and women feel special in their own way.

2. Another reason why golden toe rings are preferred by girls with fair complexions is that golden color gives a decent contrast when it is worn on bodies with complexion.

Whatsoever the case may be, girls who wear toe rings remarkably attract opposite sexes because girls who do not wear these rings just look normal.

To conclude it can be said that in today's world toe rings play an important role in enhancing personalities of girls and women along with portraying their financial status and family backgrounds. Moreover, these toe rings also help married women display their marital status which also prevents them from any harassment that men with bad intentions may cause to them. Nowadays both unmarried and married girls and women love to wear toe rings to enhance their beauty and reflect their individuality among their social and professional societies in order to increase their face values.

Foot Tattoo Care

Introduction to Tattoos

Tattoos, nowadays, play an important role in enhancing personalities of human beings, especially when they are liberal enough to expose. There are several men and women who go for tattoos so that they look different from others in order to catch attention of both opposite and similar sexes.

Nowadays tattoos can be printed anywhere on the bodies and people happily go for them irrespective of the pain that they know they have to bear after they get tattoos printed on their bodies. After the tattoos have been printed, area where they are printed pains and swells for a couple of days which makes people decrease their working efficiency and forces them to alter their daily schedules.

Most troublesome tattoo printing area in human body is feet. Since all human activities require involvement of feet, people must plan at least a month’s schedule before they get their tattoos printed on their feet. Reason why this is necessary is that once the tattoos are printed, people must take utmost care of their feet and tattoos.

Planning before Going for Foot Tattoos

Many medicos suggest that if a person plans to have tattoos on his/her feet he/she must not go for both feet in a single go. This is because if they do so, both their feet will suffer from severe pain and therefore they might not be able to walk around and do their daily stuff.

People who plan to go for foot tattoos must also make sure that they are not bound to wear tight shoes for at least 3 weeks after they have their feet tattooed. Since tight shoes mostly suffocate the wounds, lack of air might generate bacteria and might also lighten the tattoo ink because of the friction that might occur by the shoes. This might give them a faded tattoo which of course will not be appropriate for them.

Precautions to Be Taken after Tattoos Have Been Printed

It is advisable that no ointments should be applied right after the tattoos have been printed on the feet. If the tattoos have been printed by a skilled professional, it is likely that he/she has already taken good care of the wounds and it won't pain for at least a couple of days.

Once people have tattoos on their feet it is strongly advised that they must not walk and must try to give as much rest to their feet as possible. This practice would cure the wound comparatively faster.


There are several other precautions that people must take before and after their feet have been tattooed. Instructions to these precautions are mostly given by the person who tattoos them and the instructions must be strictly followed to get the most out of it.

Best Foot Massage Techniques

As a base, feet are essential part of our body. They hold our body weight, balance it, help us walk, jump, kick and run using tiny muscles and nerves that generate physical possessions. It is said that if massaged correctly feet can often help in reliving tension and pain in other body parts. Insomnia, chronic fatigue, dizziness, high blood pressure, kidney disease, etc. are some problems that can be cured with appropriate foot massages. Crucial study in the region of foot massaging is entitled as Reflexology.

Mentioned below are some best foot massaging techniques which when properly followed you can enjoy the power of reflexology.

Some Fundamentals

Before starting the massage ensures that your fingernails are well trimmed and your hands are dirt free.

Usually feet tickle and set the nervous system to alert response mode which is actually not relaxing at all. Therefore try to hold or press the feet in resolute manner.

What You Will Need?

You will need 2-3 towels along with some lubricant such as foot massage oil, say perfumed eucalyptus or mint oil. These are natural disinfectant and are quite refreshing. You can also use rich creams or skin lotions especially designed for massage.

If you are working on others feet, you can place small stool in front of them or best you can do is to use recliner chair with foot stool.

Beginning with the Massage:

1. Soak the feet in Luke warm water for few minutes and if possible dissolve some Epsom salt in the water. This will wonderfully distress you before you begin your foot massage. Now dry the foot thoroughly along with the toe.

2. Start your reflexology foot massage and target the entire foot, top and bottom, toes to ankle by applying massage oil or lotion to ease the callous and to reduce the friction between your hand and the foot. Move your hands smoothly and firmly around your feet with your fingers on the base and with thumbs on the top. Continue with little more pressure and gently massage the toe and try to rotate and twist the foot with a gentle hand. It is very important to apply right amount of pressure to the feet while massaging.

3. Dab the soles of feet with a towel after massage to avoid them from getting greasy. Don’t let any oily or greasy stuff left on your skin as it might cause infection.

Don’t forget that your feet massively participate in your health and your beauty so enjoy the massage.

How to Choose Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis 

What is Planter Fasciitis?

In normal terms if your heels pain especially in the morning or after sitting for a long time, it is likely that you are suffering from Plantar Fasciitis. Plantar Fasciitis is a painful inflammatory course of action caused by overuse of Plantar Fascia tissue.

Plantar Fascia is a long connective tissue that lies underneath the skin which supports the arc of the foot. . This arc is nothing but the creation of connection of Plantar Fasciitis tissue from heel to toe. Damage to the Fascia tissue may occur if we force these tissues to stretch abnormally while walking, running or exercising as alignment of Plantar Fascia is prolonged when the foot hits the ground.

Footwear also play small but important role in the treatment of Plantar Fasciitis. Wrong choice of shoes might lead to painful and serious damage and if you are already going through treatment for any such injuries, your wrong selection of your shoes may make it even worse. Therefore, finding right pair of shoes for anyone who suffers Plantar Fasciitis is quite important.

You should know your exact foot size. To treat and avoid Plantar Fasciitis it is very important that you wear correct sized footwear. It is believed that small sized shoes are one of the causes of such ailment. While wearing, you should make sure that your shoes bend in correct position according to your foot arch movement. It is not compulsory to buy a particular brand as one brand may work for some feet but not necessarily for others. What you need to search for your feet is a pair of shoes with excellent arch support along with comfortable toe box, width that fits your foot, material of the shoe, thickness of the sole, shock absorbing capacity, shoes with cushioned flexible midsoles that can soak up the impact while you are walking, or running. Wear back open shoes or sandals only if they have a strap that attaches your heels to avoid flip flops. You must also try to replace them regularly for maximum shock absorption.

Reflect on Insoles or Orthotics

Orthotics shoes are designed with uncomplicated Plantar Fasciitis treatment method and insoles are designed to give a cushioning effect and shock absorption. Orthopedic inserts give an inserting option that allows its consumers to put them in any types of shoes they want to wear. They are not that as expensive as orthopedic shoes are, and are available at almost every shoe store. They can easily be installed as well.

What are Insoles and What Are They Good For?

Insoles are also known as orthotics, devices used to help rectify feet problems. Insoles are used typically to treat flat feet, Achilles tendonitis, uneven feet length and many more. There are two types of insoles, the premade insoles that are sold in supermarkets and a custom made insoles to fit the patient. Custom made insoles are made by technicians with a prescription from a podiatrist, and they cost up to ten times more than a normal store bought pair.

Insoles are good for several conditions: for the store bought insole, they are good for shock absorption in sports, provide comfort and prevent certain conditions such as heel pain. Made from softer materials, most market insoles are made from gel, foam or a combination of both. These insoles are generally one size fits all, usually for the general population. The insoles generally have to be replaced after a few months.

However, if a person has severe flat feet, more serious problems such as bunions, uneven feet length or have back problems, then the insoles would generally have to be custom made. In addition to being made to fit, there is a choice for some less severe injuries to have a slim pair of insoles that could fit in dress shoes without looking obvious. Custom made insoles are made from plastic, polypropylene or ethylene vinyl acetate foam or a combination of both.

Another benefit to having custom made insoles is the freedom to chose the covering, from vinyl to leather, the choice is based on usage and appearance. While custom made insoles are more expensive than store bought ones, they offer better comfort and last longer. The decision should be made on affordability and the severity of the condition, and the long term outlook for the person need a pair of insoles.

How to Treat Smelly Feet- Keep Your Feet Always Clean

We cringe when we smell someone’s feet, some smell are really worse than others. While all feet smells, some have chronic smelly feet, triggered by bacteria feeding on the nutrients from the sweat in the feet and releasing waste that is the origin of the sour and pungent odour. To keep the feet smelling fresh, feet hygiene is important. For some, the simple routine of keeping the feet clean is not enough to prevent the feet from smelling like a garbage truck.

The cheapest way to control the smell is to sun the shoes. Sunlight has ultraviolet ray that is a very effective tool against bacteria. If the pair of Manolo or Jimmy Choos are too precious to be sunned, then use sodium bicarbonate, a smell absorbing powder easily found in supermarkets. Both are considered cost effective options in treating and preventing smelly feet. For people who are more willing to splurge, pretty smelling shoe spray and shoe powder are available to keep the shoes and feet smelling like a flower. The products usually have odour neutralizing substances with fragrance, but people who are prone to allergies should be more aware of certain chemicals triggering a reaction.

Changing socks and stockings can help preventing smelly feet, cotton socks provides better ventilation and sweat absorption compared to synthetic materials. For chronic sweaters, consider investing in socks that have silver particles embedded. Silver is a substance known to be antibacterial without causing allergies or reactions in the human body. Some companies have weaved in silver particles into socks to help combat smelly feet and bacterial infections that commonly pose a threat in diabetics.

When all else fails, consider seeking medical advice to check if there are any problems that might cause the feet to stink worse than normal people, and look for stronger alternatives to stop smelly feet.

How to Treat Bunions at Home

Bunions, or hallux valgus is the bane of many woman’s feet. Women likes pretty shoes, and often would wear ill fitting shoes to look attractive or to complement an outfit. A bunion can be seen clearly when the joints re-position at the ball of the foot, causing misalignment and swelling. The condition is painful and normal shoes will be ill fitting when a person suffers from bunions.

Prevention is better than treatment, this is specially true for bunions. This condition is not only painful, but uncomfortable and physically unattractive as well. The best treatment to stop bunions is to stop wearing shoes that are too narrow at the toes. Flat feet sufferers should invest in a good pair of orthotic insoles to keep the feet in its natural arch.

If it is really compulsory to wear uncomfortable shoes, limit the wear each day. For people who already have bunions, there are gel protective shields available to avoid rubbing of the feet against the shoe. There are shoe stretchers, a device to widen the shoe a little for more comfortable wear that can be done at home. Putting a toe separator between the first and second toe and an additional pad on the base of the big toe can stop joints from moving too much, causing the enlargement of the bunion.

Other short term treatments during a flare up include rest and icing the injured part. Using pain killers such as paracetamol or ibuprofen to lessen the pain is helpful to get through the day if needed. While a bunion can be best addressed by a professional, home remedies can help control the condition and stop more damage from occurring. However, frequent check ups with the podiatrist should help rectify or slow down the feet condition with much less fuss.

How to Rid of Toenail Fungus

For a woman, having good looking feet is important, it is the model for attractive shoes and pretty dresses. Having toenail fungus, or onychomycosis in medical terms will cause toenails to look yellow or cloudy become crumbly. When toenail fungus strikes, no more open toe shoes. While it is easy to get rid of, usually it is better to prevent onychomycosis.

 Avoid going barefoot in wet public places like communal showers, bringing sandals from home to wear during a shower. Do not share shoes, socks and nail clippers unless they are properly cleaned and sterilized. Other factors for people to have toenail fungus are they have weak immune system, diabetes, trauma and many more.

Treating toenail fungus is as easy as getting an antifungal solution or cream from the pharmacy. Follow instructions of the packaging and continue use a week after the fungus disappears. The usual medications available are terbinafine and itraconazole, both well known antifungal agents that work well on toenail fungus. Other natural remedies claimed by people who had tried it include soaking the feet in one part vinegar and two parts water, but such remedy takes weeks and months while using an antifungal cream would only take three weeks maximum.

Even its appearance is less than attractive, do not paint nail polish over the affected nail. It does not help with the situation; the fungus might spread or the toenail might crumble off with non treatment. Better to wear closed toe shoes and treating the condition properly than having it spread to all the toes, making the situation worse than before. For people who suffer from medical conditions such as diabetes, weak immune system or have trauma to the feet, seek advice from the doctor or a podiatrist to make sure that the problem do not worsen into a gangrenous state.

How To Keep Healthy and Good Looking Feet

The feet is an important part of the body, they are the most basic means of transportation, allowing people to travel a short distance, or to run a long mile. Being furthest from the body, they are also the most neglected part of the body, except by models and people who rely on feet to make a living.

Women love their feet. They also love to abuse their feet. Shoes too high, too hard or too narrow are worn just because they look good and complement their outfit. The refusal to wear flat shoes stems from the fear of not looking attractive enough to attract attention from the male counterpart. The men are no better, abusing their feet with low quality shoes and bearing pain to avoid seeking professional help.

Keeping the feet health is easy and important for the overall well being. Soaking in warm water with Epsom salt helps relaxes feet muscles, massaging the feet with cream or massage oil can help joints and muscles. To have good looking feet, a pedicure can be done at home or by a pedicurist for a fee. Caring for the feet underneath toe nails, and inspecting the feet and toe for cuts, corns and calluses will keep the feet looking healthy and neat. It can be done before putting on a new coat of nail polish to make the feet even more attractive.

People who have medical conditions such as diabetes should have their feet checked regularly by a podiatrist or a doctor. People who suffer from diabetes usually have numbed nerve endings, causing the toes not to feel pain or foreign objects. A routine inspection to rule out fungal infections, minor cuts and bruises should be done every month or at least every quarter of the year by a qualified professional.

Best Comfort Shoes For Springtime

Every season we all find a reason to buy new shoes. With Spring just around the corner, we are looking for the best looking shoes to wear with our new spring clothes. One thing to keep in mind when shopping for shoes in the spring is your feet. Feet can be sensitive to shoes with high arches, high heels and no ankle support. Finding a great pair of comfort shoes for the springtime should be what you are looking for. What are the best comfort shoes for springtime?

A great comfort shoe should have a great fit. Having a comfortable shoe is a great way to avoid foot cramps as well as back pain. Try on every pair of shoes, most of us know what size we are so we find a pair we like and buy them without trying them on. Every shoe is made differently, so when you are looking for a comfort shoe, take the time to try on the pair that you are considering buying. It really does make a huge difference.

Make sure that the shoe you are buying provides enough breathing room for your toes, just because a shoe looks great doesn't mean we need to make it fit at any cost. If you are buying sneakers make sure that there is enough air ventilation in the shoes. Foot cramps can be caused when the foot doesn't get enough oxygen. If the shoe has no ventilation we tend to perspire and then your feet with sweat and cause the dreaded foot cramp.

Once you know what you are looking for in a comfort shoe, you can start looking around for the perfect shoe. The industry does recommend that if you are looking for that perfect comfort shoe, there are some companies that you should check out. The Walking,, and Dansko. They have some of the best comfort shoes in the industry and they are all affordable. They even have some great styles and designs that will fit your wardrobe. Start shopping today for the comfort shoe of your dreams, springtime is right around the corner.

How To Treat Discolored Toenails

If you asked 100 people how much time they spend taking care of their feet, you wouldn't be surprised at the minimal amount of time we spend doing proper maintenance to our feet. Have you really looked at your toenails lately? Have you noticed that they have become thicker than usually and have a yellowish color to them? These are signs of improper nutrition, sickness, fungal infections and sometimes genetics plays a part. Realizing that you have a discolored toenail is nothing to panic over, it can be treated.

The first thing that you want to do is gather some supplies, you will need Cotton Swabs, Cuticle Cream, Foot Buffers, Foot Lotions, Nail Cleaners, Nail Clippers, Nail Files and Nail Buffers. You can find all of these supplies in your local drug store. Using about 2 tablespoons of mild detergent such as dish soap or you can use a Betadine Solution, ix with 1/2 a gallon of warm water. Now take your foot and place into the solution. Keep your feet submerged for about 10 minutes.

Remove your foot from the water but do not dry, you want to keep your toenails soft. Using your Nail Cutters cut away the discolored nail straight across, or as straight as you can. Using a fresh nail file and a piece of cotton, clean underneath any particles from under the nail. You can use a mix of Listerine and White Vinegar this will help keep your toes from becoming discolored. This can be done by using a Cotton Swab and dip into the mixture and apply to the infected area. Since Listerine is an antiseptic this will help prevent additional discoloration.

Using the Nail Buffer, gently buffer the tops of your toenails, you may find that this is a pleasant experience. Keep your feet clean and change your socks on a regular basis. You will soon start to see the pigment come back into the toenails. It is important that we spend at least one a week, giving our feet and toenails the attention that they deserve. Everything you need can be found in your local health and beauty aid stores for an affordable price, aren't your feet worth it?

How To Remove Ingrown Toenails

An ingrown toenail is not a very pleasant experience. They can be very painful if not treated right away. The last thing that you want is for the nail to start to grow into the skin of your foot. By catching them early can save yourself a surgical procedure. Though it may not sound very fun or painless, removing the ingrown toenail has to be done. Here are some steps that you can follow that can help you successfully remove an ingrown toenail.

Step 1: Place your foot into hot water with some oils or soaps. This will help soften the skin. You can use baby oil, bath oils or soapy water to accomplish this. After soaking your feet, apply an antiseptic to your nail such as Hydrogen Peroxide or Iodine. This will help prevent an infection. You will need to have a cotton ball, nail clipper, a pair of tweezers and a cuticle remover.

Step 2: Using your nail clippers, trim down the toenail as much as you can. Be very careful around the infected area. Try to cut as straight as you can without leaving pointy sections near the edge of the nail.

Step 3: Take a piece of cotton and hold the cotton with the tweezers around the corner of the ingrown toenail. Taking the cuticle remover, carefully push the cotton underneath your toenail into the corner of the nail. The cotton should be a round ball now.

Step 4: This will help raise the toenail up to prevent the nail from becoming ingrown again.

Keep your feet clean and dry. Apply some antibacterial ointment on your nail and keep it bandaged for a few days. Apply the ointment on a daily basis. Once the toenail has grown out and it will move away from the cuticle and you have successfully removed an ingrown toenail.

How to Treat Foot Cramps

Though we may not want to admit it, there has been one time or another that we have suffered through a foot cramp or two. Whether it has been from wearing the wrong pair of shoes or too much physical activity. Studies have shown that foot cramps can be caused when the foot doesn't receive enough oxygen. This is caused when your body becomes too dehydrated through sweating. However the foot cramp came to be, the pain is still the same. The good part is that foot cramps are temporary and they are easily treated.

There are some preventative steps that you can take to avoid the foot cramp. If you are planning a lot of physical activity then it would be a great idea to drink plenty of fluids before you leave the house, during the day and after you are done. Another way to prevent foot cramps would be to stretch before exercising. This will help your muscles relax and avoid becoming tensed up. It would also be a good idea to wear the proper shoes, sometimes women like a great looking shoe even though it may not be the best fitting shoe.

In the event that all else fails and you do have a foot cramp, the first thing that you will want to do is put your feet under running water in the bathtub. Start off with cool water and then after a few minutes change to room temperature water. You do not want to use cold water or hot water because it will shock your feet. If you are having pain the arches of your feet, then put ice packs for a few hours and then a heating pad. Once your foot cramps have started to subside, a great foot massage is next.

You can use a great soothing lotion to start working your feet from the toes down to the heel of your foot. If you have someone willing to do this for you then you are very lucky. Some stores carry items designed to help with foot cramps such as the Foot Massager Bath Spa, Dual Rolling Foot Massager and the Warming Foot Massager. Taking care of your feet should be a priority, since most people are on their feet during the day for hours. Take care of your feet and they will take care of you.