How To Give A Foot Massage: Get It Done On Your Special Day

Many women would always include learning how to give a foot massage in order to rejuvenate their feelings all over before the wedding day. Some would say that it would give them much energy to go on the days as an unmarried woman. On the other hand, some would say that learning how to give a foot massage would definitely be helpful in their journey in their married life. Giving their feet treat would be the best for they know how hard and uneasy the next life would be for them; that the next chapter of their life would surely be enjoyable yet full of challenges that would need great preparation and due rest.

Wedding day would always be one of the most or could be the most special day in a person’s life as a human being. Probably, for some men it could be one of the most special days, but for women, it is every usual that they would always say that it is the most special day. Of course, it is very obvious to all women especially in the earlier days before the wedding. Most of the women would bother about what they should wear or what they should do with their makeup. This is, of course, for one main reason—to become beautiful until the special day comes.

There are different ways of learning how to give a foot massage. There are different sources, such as books, health magazines, or even articles in the internet. By simply reading articles such as this, you could be certain that you would get the steps in no time.

This article would no longer make it hard for you. This article would now provide the steps on how to give a foot massage. The steps are as follows:

1. Make sure you let your feet dry. After which, you could now start soaking your feet in warm water. It is up to you if you want to add some essential oils that could produce a relaxing feeling or fragrance in the water. Soak it for ten minutes.
2. Apply hand cream. Make sure that the cream or oil you are going to use would not produce discomfort or maybe uneasy feeling to your hands.
3. You could now start stroking from the toes to the ankle as well as to the soles of the feet. You could start with a gentle stroke. After which, you could now provide pressure.
4. Provide circular thumb and finger motions to the feet soles. You could also focus in giving pressure the heel or ball of the foot.
5. Rotate your foot for about 5 times. Start with the ankle, and next near the ball of the feet.
6. Rub down the sole with the use of a fist.
7. From the big toe to the smallest, you rotate the toe each and provide pressure in each by pressing each gently.
8. Use your index finger to slide between toes for about 5 minutes.
9. Clean your feet up by wiping excess creams or oils.

These are easy steps on how to give a foot massage. Start relaxing now without the pain of spending any penny.

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