Foot Pain Relief

"Oh, my aching feet." Most of us has said that phrase more times than we care to remember. Women wearing three inch heels eight hours a day at work will recognize the meaning of those words more than others. Ouch! The fact is that other than your eyes and sight, two other body parts you depend on 24/7 are your feet. Look folks, it’s not a rare experience to have aching feet especially if you’ve been walking on them all day at work, then maybe an evening walk to relieve some stress or that weekly soccer or basketball game. You depend on your feet ergo your feet depend on you to keep them healthy and happy.

You might be surprised to find that the solution to solving the pain in your feet could be as simple as stop wearing shoes that don’t fit anymore. As a person ages a foot size can change. No, it’s not your foot that’s growing it’s the ligaments and tendons stretching out. I hope you don’t think I’m nuts, but have you ever had your feet measured? Try it the next time you buy shoes. You can also consider buying a couple sets of OTC arch supports. Just read the label and make sure they are the ones made in Germany.

A podiatrist relative of mine mentioned recently that he is seeing more men and women and athletes, young and old, than ever before with foot problems that many times are caused by tight shoes and stockings that reduces blood circulatioin to the ankles and feet which, in turn, causes aching and tired feet. You might consider these helpful suggestions.

* Lay down and elevate your feet for at least a half hour if possible.
* Soak both feet in medium hot water or heat a towel or hot water bottle and wrap it around your feet.
* Find somebody to massage your feet at least four times a week. Think husband or wife.
* Exercise your feet.
* Check feet for corns and callouses. Soak feet first then use an emery board or pumice stone.

One alternative that is sure to solve the pain relief problem is to consider acupuncture. The general consensus is that since the Chinese method of acupuncture to relieve pain has been shown to be beneficial for certain problems, it just might be the ticket for your foot pain relief.

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